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Looking for nurturing childcare for your child in Christchurch? This information will provide you with the things you need to know about our day-to-day regular routines in the nursery including anything extra to bring along for your child’s day.

Primary Care

We practice the primary care philosophy within our nursery.

When working with primary care, children are assigned to a teacher who is responsible for the child’s care moments
e.g. Nappy Changing, Sleep Time, Bottle Feeding. This ensures the child will build a strong attachment with their teacher which helps them to branch out and continue to make relationships with others.

Primary care provides consistency for children so they can anticipate who will be helping them throughout their day.

The responsibility of the primary care teacher is for most of the things, most of the time, but it is not exclusive.
With primary care giving at Enchanted Garden we believe in flexibility. All the teachers get to know the children in their own way. When the primary care teacher can’t be available for the child another teacher will step in. With open communication the nursery teaching team work together in the best interests of the children.

Free movement

We believe in providing children with free movement opportunities and for that reason prefer to allow children to achieve developmental milestones in their own time. Please ask a nursery teacher if you would like some more information.

Bag hooks

These are located on the right as you come through the nursery door please hang your child’s bag on an available hook.

Lunch boxes

Lunch boxes belong on a shelf situated beside the kitchen on the nursery side. We would appreciate it if you could please leave us to unpack your child’s bag to lessen traffic flow in the nursery. Please remember to name bottles, yoghurts etc. Please don’t take your child into the kitchen with you as we have a safety policy that children are not allowed in our kitchen area.

Drink bottles

We encourage you to send a drink bottle along for your child from approximately 12 months old. This is a great way for them to have water available throughout the day and is a common occurrence in the preschool.


If your child is having bottles these will need to be sent along already made up for us to heat either by the microwave for formula, or in a jug of hot water for breast milk. For example, if your child has four bottles a day then we ask that four bottles be pre made up to ensure children are only waiting a short time while their bottles heat up. As we have many children with the same bottles please name these clearly to avoid mix ups.

Sun hats, warm hats and jackets

Please send a named sunhat along everyday your child attends. In winter please send a warm hat and jacket everyday as we do try to still get outside when we can. We will provide sunscreen however if your child is allergic please provide one for them.


Please send two changes of clothes for your child everyday.


We keep a daily notebook for children 0-1 year, which records the day to day things your child is doing while at Enchanted Garden, it goes home each day with your child and please remember to send it back each day they attend so we can keep you well informed. We also do a daily diary sheet that is displayed on the noticeboard as you come in for children aged 1-2 years. This is to record sleep times and give you an idea of what your child has been up to throughout the day (this is to replace the individual notebook that stops at 1 year old).


Please send 4-6 nappies per day for your child. Feel free to send along any special nappy cream or we have some that we use. If you prefer you are most welcome to leave a packet of nappies here with us to use and we will let you know when we need more.


Please remember to name everything that you send along for your child as things get mixed up very easily and having named items prevents things getting lost.

The end of the day

At the end of the day we do endeavour to pack bags so that they are ready to go home, on the odd occasion when we are very busy sometimes it may not be done.

Feel free to talk to one of the nursery team should you have any concerns or questions.


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Our Philosophy statement

“Our vision for children is for them to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society” (Ministry of Education, 1996).

The nursery teaching team believes and supports this by giving children time and space to explore new environments, their bodies and developing skills.

We believe in the importance of developing strong relationships between the children and teachers, therefore we work with the theory of primary caregiving.

We provide a variety of heuristic play experiences to encourage open ended exploration and encourage children’s thought processes and trial and error concepts.

We believe in providing children with free movement opportunities and for that reason prefer to allow children to achieve developmental milestones in their own time.

We view children as capable and competent learners therefore as they strive for more independence we will nurture and encourage this.

The teachers value quality interactions down at the child’s level, being aware of their needs and wants and responding to these appropriately. We like to laugh, play and learn with the children.

We acknowledge the importance of each child and their family/whānau cultural beliefs and values and strive to uphold these within our programme. We endeavour to incorporate and respect the beliefs and values of the Te Tiro Waitangi.

We recognise the wealth of knowledge that parents/caregivers and whānau have of their children and view this as an intricate aspect of providing quality education and care for your child. Therefore we strive for open communication and collaboration with all families.