Welcome To Enrolments

Welcome To Enrolments

If you like what you see and you would like your child to be part of our wonderful teaching environment, please download and fill out our enrolment form and bring it in to The Enchanted Garden.

The following is an information pack that will inform you of general centre information, however there is nothing like seeing something for yourself, so please ensure that you come in for a visit to view our beautiful early childhood centre and you will find the perfect home away from home for your precious little one.

The Enchanted Garden provides quality early childhood education and care within a small privately owned home like environment. We are unique in the sense that we are have an early childhood trained on site manager/owner and we are proud to be New Zealand owned. At the Enchanted Garden we have excellent resources and 95- 100% trained teachers working in above regulation staff/child ratios. (Read our excellent 2010 ERO Report online)


The centre is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. The centre is closed on Public Holidays, but not between Christmas and New Year.

Bookings and Absences

Changes to bookings require 2 weeks notice.
Time booked is paid for.
Annual leave 6 months after the anniversary date of your enrollment, families can take up to three weeks annual leave from the centre without paying any fees (this means for example that a child who is booked into the centre for 3 days per week is entitled to 9 days leave).

The annual leave dates will be the same as for the financial year, 31st March – 1st April.  If your booked leave falls on a public holiday this day is not paid for but will be counted in your leave entitlement.  This leave can be taken at any time but must be taken using a minimum of one week’s bookings at a time.

Please note:  When taking annual leave two weeks notice to the centre is required

Public holidays are to be paid if the public holiday day falls on a usual day of booked attendance, but we can sometimes give a day in lieu. If on a subsidy the day in lieu needs to be in the same week.
We appreciate two weeks notice of a cancellation of a permanent booking in order to notify people on the waiting list.

Please sign your children IN and OUT each day in the book provided. We require you to SIGN the ROLL BOOK to confirm your child’s attendance. Correct times need to be recorded for staff/child ratios and in case of an emergency.

The Ministry of Education requires an assurance that your child is not enrolled at another Early Childhood Service for any hours that would be the same as this booking. (The signing of the enrollment form will confirm this)

If your child is aged 3-4 years and you wish to receive the twenty hours ECE subsidy, the Ministry of Education states that you must fill in a free ECE attestation form.


If you are receiving the 20 hours ECE subsidy and are away for more than 3 consecutive weeks you will then be charged a full un-funded fee as your free ECE funding stops after 3 weeks

Fees Information

Income Support provides a childcare subsidy for qualifying families, further information about this is available from them or the Centre Director. If your child is aged 3-4 the 20 hours ECE subsidy is available and in some cases the income support subsidy is available in conjunction with this.

Fees Payment Policy

All fees are payable one week in advance.
A non-refundable one-week’s fee is required on enrolment (which goes toward your first week’s fee) and a weekly payment is thereafter required. (At the end of the week or on the day the child attends). Any variation to this will need to be discussed with the Centre Director
Direct credit options are also available.

Children aged 0-2 Years Children aged 3-4: 20 Hours ECE Half Days
Full day = (7 hour minimum booking)
Daily $52
Weekly $230 (Discount Rate)
Half day $30 / Session
Session times = 7.30-1pm or 1pm-5.30
(Minimum of a 4 hour booking x 2)
Full day = (7 hours minimum)
1 day   = $28
2 days = $56
3 days = $84
4 days = $128
5 days = $170
Half Days $30 / Session
Free up to a maximum of 20 hours / week
for children 3-4 years or for children eligible for the 20 hours ECE
(Minimum of a 4 hour booking x 2)
Session times 7:30-1pm or 1pm-5.30

A family discount of 5% is also available for families with more than one child 2 years and under.

There are no donations or optional charges required.


Nutritious Morning and Afternoon Teas, a late snack
Nappy wipes, tissues, sun block, barrier creams, healing creams and powder.