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About The Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden is a small and private New Zealand owned centre with a trained on site Managing Director.
The centre is licensed for 10 children aged 0-2 years and 23 children aged 2-5 years.

We are open 7:30-5:30 Monday to Friday all year round.

We offer our families the 20 hours ECE and there is also a work and income subsidy available.

We provide Free of Charge nutritious morning and afternoon teas, a late snack, all laundered bedding requirements, sun block, nappy wipes, tissues and a variety of nappy and healing creams.

All your child needs to bring to the centre is their lunch, a drink bottle, a change of clothes and nappies (if applicable).

The Enchanted Garden employs a domestic assistant that is available to prepare and heat any hot lunch requirements and undertake the all important house keeping duties required to keep the centre in its pristine and aesthetically pleasing condition.

By having a domestic assistant the teachers are able to focus their attention 100% on teaching and attending to the needs of the children.

Our stable teaching team provides above minimum ratios. The Enchanted Garden also employs extra trained teachers which are used as relievers to provide the children with a familiar face in the absense of their regular teachers.

At the Enchanted Garden there is a lot of emphasis and learning placed upon the natural environment and sustainability.